Javascript method priority queue

Problem Statement:

There are times when people are faced with the problem of calling methods in a particular order based on some kind of priority. There are times when you wish to be able to add methods to some kind of a method queue along with the priority. The priority decides which methods is to be called first. Then at some later point, you wish to execute the methods in the queue in order of priority.
A case in point may be when you have multiple document ready handlers which add method calls to the queue, and then on the window.load event you execute all the methods.

So keeping the queue thing in mind I have come up with a solution to this problem.


Function_queue = new function()
  // lower priority value means function should be called first
  var func_queue;

  var sort_queue = function(a, b)
    if( a.priority < b.priority )       return -1;
    else if( a.priority == b.priority ) return 0;
    else                                return 1;

  return {
    init : function()
      func_queue = new Array();

    * @param function func This can be a function name or a function itself
    * @param array|null args This should always be an array of args or a
    *	null if the function accepts no arguments
    * @param int priority This is a zero based number, with the smaller
    *	value meaning high priority. Function with a priority of 0 will
    *	be executed before a funcion with priority of 2
    add_to_queue : function(func, args, priority)
        method   : func,
        args     : args,
        priority : priority
    execute_queue : function()
      func_queue.sort( sort_queue );

      for( var i in func_queue ) func_queue[i].method.apply( null, args );


  // initialize the queue

  $( document ).ready(function()
    // add a function to queue that does not accept any parameters
      alert( 'Hello World 1' );
    null, 2);

  $( document ).ready(function()
    // add another method to queue that accepts two integers as parameters
    Function_queue.add_to_queue(function(a, b)
      alert( 'Sum = ' + ( a + b ) );
    new Array( 3, 4 ), 1); 

  $( window ).load(function()
    // now all you have to do is execute the queue which will do all the magic

You may download the script from here.

Ovais is a storage architect with keen focus on reliability, efficiency and performance of OLTP databases, more specifically MySQL. He currently works at Uber on ensuring storage reliability and scalability. Previously, he helped different web properties scale their MySQL infrastructure. He also worked at Percona as a Senior MySQL consultant and at a few other startups in various capacities.

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