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Databases: Normalization or Denormalization. Which is the better technique?

This has really been a long debate as to which approach is more performance orientated, normalized databases or denormalized databases. So this article is a step on my part to figure out the right strategy, because neither one of these approaches can be rejected outright. I will start of by discussing the pros and cons of both the approaches. Pros and Cons of a Normalized database design. Normalized databases fair very well under conditions where the applications are write-intensive and the write-load is more than the read-load. This is because of the following reasons: Normalized tables are usually smaller and…

August 30, 2010   Views: 203,154   61 Comments

jQuery Spotlight Plugin: jSpotlight

About: This plugin allows you to bring spotlight on any HTML element. This plugin may be used in situations where you need to call attention to or highlight where a data value or content has changed within the interface. A particular usage would be when implementing the UI Pattern “One Second Spotlight”. Do note that jQuery in itself has no highlight effect and the animate function does not support color animation or transition. Hence, this plugin aims at adding that functionality. The color animation is based on jQuery Color Animations by John Resig and the color conversion functions are based…

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Javascript method priority queue

Problem Statement: There are times when people are faced with the problem of calling methods in a particular order based on some kind of priority. There are times when you wish to be able to add methods to some kind of a method queue along with the priority. The priority decides which methods is to be called first. Then at some later point, you wish to execute the methods in the queue in order of priority. A case in point may be when you have multiple document ready handlers which add method calls to the queue, and then on the…

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