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MySQL Query Optimization – Tip # 1 – Avoid using wildcard character at the start of a LIKE pattern.

The more I go through others SQL, there are some common mistakes that I see developers making over and over again, so I thought why not start a series of tips that can help developers optimize their queries and avoid common pitfalls. So this post is a part of that series of tips, and this is the first tip “Avoid using a wild card character at the start of a LIKE pattern”.

November 23, 2010   Views: 29,144   32 Comments

How to resize Innodb log files?

Just in case you don’t know resizing Innodb log file is not just simple as changing the value of innodb_log_file_size in the MySQL configuration file. But its even more simpler. Follow the steps in this post and you will be done with the resizing.

November 16, 2010   Views: 12,934   5 Comments

Why do I recommend switching over from MyISAM to Innodb!

Although MyISAM has been the default storage engine for MySQL but its soon going to change with the release of MySQL server 5.5. Not only that, more and more people are shifting over to the Innodb storage engine and the reasons for that is the tremendous benefits, not only in terms of performance, concurrency, ACID-transactions, foreign key constraints, but also because of the way it helps out the DBA with hot-backups support, automatic crash recovery and avoiding data inconsistencies which can prove to be a pain with MyISAM. In this article I try to hammer out the reasons why you should move on to using Innodb instead of MyISAM.

November 16, 2010   Views: 30,289   20 Comments

How to dynamically create Twitter’s tweet button and Facebook’s like button!

There are many examples out there in the world of internet, which show how to integrate the tweet button and the like button, but none show how to do it dynamically. In this post I have tried to show how trivial it is to generate tweet and like button dynamically using JavaScript.

November 4, 2010   Views: 50,748   37 Comments