My recommendation for a basic Mail Server setup

Ever wanted to setup a mail server complete with IMAP and POP access, one that was easy to configure and install and had a low memory footprint. Well I too wanted to have such a setup and after having tried Exim, Postfix together with Courier and Dovecot, I am pretty pleased with what Dovecot has to offer.

A definitive guide to setting up your own Mail Server – Part 1

Setting up a mail server, in itself, is not that difficult a task, but there are integrations that can really mess up with your time and mind. Integrations such as SMTP authentication, setting up virtual users and virtual mailboxes, setting up spam-filtering and antivirus filtering can really be a pain if not configured properly. Hence, I decided why not share my own experiences in the form of a tutorial. May be this will help out someone trying to setup a

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Bluehost web hosting – a big no no for websites with decent traffic!

I had recently started my blog and chosen Bluehost as my hosting provider. The reason for choosing Bluehost was that I had hosted many static and low traffic websites on their servers previously and also because Bluehost was featured on under the hosting tab. A side-note, for professional work I have always been working on dedicated servers or VPS, so didn’t have much experience of hosting decent traffic web apps on shared hosting. Initial thoughts Now initially it didn’t

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