MySQL Paginated displays – How to kill performance vs How to improve performance!

Pagination is used very frequently in many websites, be it search results or most popular posts they are seen everywhere. But the way how it is typically implemented is naive and prone to performance degradation. In this article I attempt on explaining the performance implications of poorly designed pagination implementation. I have also analyzed how Google, Yahoo and Facebook handle pagination implementation. Then finally i present my suggestion which will greatly improve the performance related to pagination.

For the beginners – Creating quality code – Part 3

Welcome back to the series of articles, where we work our way from the scratch to creating an application with quality code. This is a continuation from the previous article where we created an initial application for a ticketing system, by designing and writing application layer code. In this part, we will improve that code to enhance security, maintainability and make it more extensible for future use.

For the beginners – Creating quality code – Part 1

One of the things that I have encountered frequently in my development experience is totally messed up and hard to read code by fresh programmers. Although it takes years of experience and continuous optimization that makes your coding skills great, there are a few simple tricks that beginners can apply to quickly shape up their coding styles and standards. Read along to find out the tricks and the techniques that can make even a beginner like you a Pro in

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A useful JavaScript pattern – The Module Pattern

Introduction A good API design forms an integral part of coding best practices. And what is a good API? A good API would only expose methods that would be needed by the client using the API. The public space would not be cluttered by unnecessary methods. And there are not many times where I have seen JavaScript developers really caring about a good API design. The reason probably is that people don’t take JavaScript seriously. Anyway, that is another topic,

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