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Monitoring ProxySQL using Datadog

ProxySQL is a high performance proxy for MySQL and its forks. One of the key features is its ability to handle hundreds of thousands of connections with very low overhead. Datadog is a monitoring service for cloud-scale applications, bringing together

Chef multipath cookbook version 0.0.9 now available

I have released version 0.0.9 of Chef multipath cookbook [https://supermarket.chef.io/cookbooks/multipath]. The cookbook now supports Pure Storage SAN among a bunch of other improvements. Below is the list of changes and improvements in version

Beware of MySQL BLOB Corruption in Older Versions

Does your dataset consist of InnoDB tables with large BLOB data such that the data is stored in external BLOB pages? Was the dataset created in MySQL version 5.1 and below and without using the InnoDB plugin, or with

Speedup Test Kitchen Vagrant Infrastructure Code Testing

Test Kitchen [http://kitchen.ci/] together with Vagrant [https://docs.vagrantup.com/v2/getting-started/index.html] is a wonderful way to test out your infrastructure deployment and orchestration code. It makes test-driven development especially easy by allowing you to test

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